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13rd Moscow International Festival of detective films and television programs on law-enforcement themes

Moscow (Russia) - 20 April 2011 - 24 April 2011

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Russian films


Tikhaya zastava, 2010

(Тихая застава)


Proshchay, "makarov", 2010

(Прощай, «макаров»!)

Maksim BRIUS
(Максим БРИУС)

Odinochka, 2010


(Сергей ЩЕРБИН)

Pryachsya, 2010


(Джонни О'РЕЙЛИ)

Obyknovennyy vakhkhabizm, 2004

(Обыкновенный ваххабизм)

(Абдулла АЛИШАЕВ)

Other films

1. Feature film on detective and law-enforcement themes
- “Operation Tatar”, East-Siberian studio of documentaries / HERO ENTERTAINMENT, Mongolia, Russia

2. “Theme TV Series (or an episode with a complete story)
- “War Intelligence Service”, «Izarus Film», «Nikola-Film», «Green-Film», «Teleproekt», Russia
- “Untangling Knots”, CJSC Russian World Studios, Russia

3. “Hero” – charismatic performance of a positive character
- “The Loner”, Daniyil Kozlovskiy (plays the part of Andrey Gromov)
- “Goodbye, “Makarov”!” Sergey Selin (plays the part of Lt.Col. Stroyev)
- “The Next Three Days”, Russel Crow (plays the part of John Brennan)

4. “Antihero” – charismatic performance of a negative character
- “Weather station”, Andrey Guskov (plays the part of Andrey Ivanov)
- “Sniper”, Alexander Baranovskiy (plays the part of Aleksey Bukhovtsev)

Section II. Theme Nominations
1. “Terrorism – a threat to peace” – about fight with terrorism, extremism, xenophobia, race a religious hatred
- “Soul Catchers”, “Bashkortostan” state broadcasting company, Russia
- “Suicide Bombers”, LLC Melo-film, Channel "TV Centre, Russia
- “Ordinary Vahhabizm”, TV- Chircey, Russia
- “Emergency. Weekly Review”, OJSC NTV Broadcasting Company, Russia

2. “Dirty Money” - about fight with corruption
- “A Pill Against Greed”, JSC "Broadcasting company" Ostankino”, Russia
- “Scandalous Life” with Olga B., Corruption: Ultimate Fighting, TV-centre Channel, Russia
- “Emergency. Weekly Review”, OJSC NTV Broadcasting Company, Russia
- “Say No to Corruption”, “Svet” Studio, Russia

3. “Crime and Punishment” – about fight with different type of crimes
- “Murder in Cannes”.”Savva Morozov”, Broadcasting company «Gold Medium», Russia
- “Con Air. Convoy’s Secrets”, Production Company “Den”, Russia
- “False World”, Broadcasting company TV CENTER, Russia
- “Criminal cases involving juveniles”, “First low television “Pravo - TV”, Russia
- “Where is the DUM looking”, JSC "Tatmedia" TRK "Kazan", Russia

4.”World without Drugs” – about fight with drug trafficking
- “Drug Dealers”, STRC “Kaliningrad”, Russia
- “Special Investigation. Handcuffs as a Remedy”, JSC Broadcasting company “Ostankino”, Russia
- “Operation “Poppy 2010”, Department of the interior affairs of Kaluga region, Russia

5. “Civil Society” – about citizens’ fight for their rights
- “Angel in Uniform”, STRC “Kaliningrad”, Russia
- “Defence of a Police Officer”, JSC “TV company” AB-TV”, Russia
- “Lawlessness. The Moscow We Have Lost”, Ltd. “MIRA-Production”
- “The Fifth Power”, 3 channel, Russia
- “Reporter is a Dangerous Job”, STRC “Kaliningrad”, Russia

6. “War and Peace” – about military service and military duty
- “Fatal Investigation”, Press-office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs department for Far Eastern Federal District, Russia
- “The Great War”, Babich-design and Star Media
- “On the main line”, Central Museum of Federal Security Service of Russia, Russia
- “Cursed Trade”, JSC Broadcasting company" Ostankino”, Russia
- “Third Reich. The Last Days”, TV-Center, Russia