1 Алма-атинский кинофестиваль

Алматы (Казахстан) - 15 августа 2018 - 19 августа 2018



Фильмы открытия

Айка, 2016



Другие фильмы

Film de clôture : Businessmen (Бизнесмены), Akhan SATAEV (Акан Сатаев) :
Mid 1990s. Collapse of the Soviet Union. Three best friends – Anuar, Askar and Damir – amateur businessmen. It was the time when business in Kazakhstan just started. It is a story of friendship, love, honor and treachery unfolding on big and crucial changes on the background in young country. During the entire movie, real events take place. In the film there will be real characters, who made great influence on the formation of business in Kazakhstan at early stage of its development.