21 Международный кинофестиваль в Нанси 'Aye Aye'

Нанси (Франция) - 28 августа 2015 - 06 сентября 2015


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- The muse (Муза для Мокроух), Sergey BUROV (Сергей БУРОВ), Fiction, 2014, court métrage, 17 mn
Un jeune artiste peintre reçoit son inspiration d’une muse bien particulière.
The debut exhibition of young painter Mokroukhov will be tomorrow, but the paintings haven’t been ready yet. He has to paint trendy and outrageous pictures, but as ill luck would have it, there is a creative crisis. Cause all muses are busy Mokroukhov gets the last unoccupied muse - an inveterate drunkard who knows nothing about painting but is an expert in chastushkas.

- Deux amis, Natalia CHERNYSHEVA, 2014, Animation, 4 mn