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9 Международный кинофестиваль в Ереване "Золотой Абрикос"

Ереван (Армения) - 08 июля 2012 - 15 июля 2012

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Русские фильмы

Международный конкурс игровых фильмов

В тумане, 2012

(Dans la brume)

(Sergueï LOZNITSA)

Жить, 2012


(Vassili SIGAREV)

Международный конкурс документальных фильмов

Книга тундры. Повесть о Bуквукае - маленьком камне, 2011

(Le Livre de la toundra. L'histoire de Voukvoukaï, la petite pierre)



1937, 2011


(Svetozar GOLOVLIOV)

Незначительные подробности случайного эпизода, 2011

(Détails insignifiants d'un hasard)


Другие фильмы

- Venice. Afloat, Tatiana Daniliyants, Russia, 2012
Venice. Afloat is a collage of a single day, showing the life of those Venetians who make up the continuous existence of the city: fishermen, vaporetto captains, policemen and boat builders of all types. The life of these people reflects the city’s ancient maritime culture, its traditions and legends: Venice seen from the water.
- Shoes, Costa Fam, (Russia/Belarus/Poland/Czech Republic/France), 2012
A story of a pair of shoes that starts in the shop window and runs all the way to Auschwitz. Shoes is an international film project dedicated to Holocaust victims. The shooting crew was comprised more than 400 people which is unheard of for a short film project.
- Soro-Lume, Anastasiya Zubova, Alla Limanskaya, (Moldova/Russia), 2011
History about the old man (the inhabitant of the Moldavian village). The old man imitates the death, expecting, that native will arrive even on funeral. But to die still early as the postman brings the letter from the favorite granddaughter of the old man. The granddaughter writes what dreams of a doll “Barbie”. The old man by all means needs to buy to it this doll.
- Arno, Eduard Hambardzumyan, Russia, 2012
The film tells about the great Soviet-Armenian composer Arno Babajanyan. It chronicles places where Babajanyan lived, studied, and worked. Exciting and funny stories are told by composer’s son, Araik Babajanyan, and artists, among them Armen Jigarkhanyan, Yevgeniy Yevtushenko, Iosif Kobzon, Nerses Hovhannisyan, Eduard Mirzoyan, and Aleksandr Harutyunyan.


Гран-при :

В тумане (V tumane), 2012, реж. Сергей ЛОЗНИЦА (Sergey LOZNITSA)

Специальный приз жюри :

Книга тундры. Повесть о Bуквукае - маленьком камне (Kniga tundry. Povest o Vukvukae - malenkom kamne), 2011, реж. Алексей ВАХРУШЕВ (Aleksey VAKHRUSHEV)

Специальное упоминание жюри :

Незначительные подробности случайного эпизода (Neznachitelnye podrobnosti sluchaynogo epizoda), 2011, реж. Михаил МЕСТЕЦКИЙ (Mikhail MESTETSKY)