Russia, 2018  
Where does the Sea Flow
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Куда течет море


 Où la mer va.

 Kuda techet more

Directed by : Vitali SALTYKOV (Виталий САЛТЫКОВ)
Release date in Russia : 11/04/2019
Site : Kinopoisk

Plot synopsis
Andrei Sergeyevich, famous businessman and politician, arrives in St. Petersburg, where he agrees to give an interview to a very young journalist Irina. She, trying to stick to the allotted 30 minutes, comes up with a very unusual conversation format and sits down at the piano ... During this strange interview, the questions come mainly from the lips of Andrei Sergeyevich, who at first perceives quite ironically and condescendingly Irina's adolescent reasoning about the meanings of life, but then changes her attitude. And only when, after the agreed 30 minutes, Irina leaves, the hero realizes that the youthful maximalism of this girl, to some extent awkward and ridiculous, is justified by very important circumstances.

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