Yuri DUD
Youri DOUD
Russia, 2020, 108mn 
VICH v Rossii - epidemia, pro kotoryiu ne govoriat
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ВИЧ в России — эпидемия, про которую не говорят


 Le VIH en Russie, une épidémie dont on ne parle pas

 VICH v Rossii - epidemia, pro kotoryiu ne govoriat

Directed by : Yuri DUD (Юрий ДУДЬ)

Plot synopsis
In this film Iouri Doud tries to answer the main questions about the disease: "How can you have HIV? Can people with HIV have healthy children? Can we have HIV and live full lives.Why is the fight against HIV in Russia so ineffective? "
The heroes in the video are people who are living with HIV or are in constant contact with people living with HIV. Among them: Professor Vadim Pokrovski, director of the Federal Center for Prophylaxis and AIDS Control, journalists Anton Krassovski, Margarita Loguinova and others. According to Krassovski, the making of the film took a year and a half.

Commentaries and bibliography
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